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Hawkeyes have supported the U. Coast Guard , the U. Customs Service , and American federal and state police forces during anti-drug operations. In the mids, several E-2Cs were borrowed from the U. Navy and given to the U. Coast Guard and the U. The U.

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Navy P-3 Orion aircraft in the CN role. During Operations Southern Watch and Desert Fox , Hawkeye crews continued to provide thousands of hours of air coverage, while providing air-to-air and air-to-ground command and control in a number of combat missions. The E-2 Hawkeye is a crucial component of all U. Navy carrier air wings ; each carrier is equipped with four Hawkeyes five in some situations , allowing for continuous hour-a-day operation of at least one E-2 and for one or two to undergo maintenance in the aircraft carrier's hangar deck at all times.

Until However, the East coast wing was disestablished, all aircraft were organised into a single wing based at Point Mugu, California. Six E-2C aircraft were deployed by the US Naval Reserve for drug interdiction and homeland security operations until 9 March , when the sole Reserve squadron, VAW 'Nightwolves', was decommissioned and its six aircraft sent to other squadrons. They provided battle management for attack of enemy ground targets, close-air-support coordination, combat search and rescue control, airspace management, as well as datalink and communication relay for both land and naval forces.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina , three Hawkeye squadrons two Regular Navy and one Navy Reserve were deployed in support of civilian relief efforts including Air Traffic Control responsibilities spanning three states, and the control of U. Army , U. Navy , U.

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Air Force , U. Marine Corps , U. E-2 Hawkeyes have been sold by the U. They took part in operations in Afghanistan and Libya. Initially, the E-3 Sentry airborne warning and control system aircraft was considered to be the prime candidate for the airborne early warning mission by the JASDF. In , three former Israel Air Force E-2C aircraft were sold to the Mexican Navy to perform maritime and shore surveillance missions. These aircraft were upgraded locally by IAI. The first Mexican E-2C was rolled out in January In April , it was announced that the four E-2C Hawkeyes were to be replaced with four Gulfstream Gs which would become the primary early warning aircraft of the Singapore Air Force.

Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye

Israel was the first export customer, its four Hawkeyes were delivered during , complete with the folding wings characteristic of carrier-borne aircraft. The four examples were soon put into active service before and during the Lebanon War during which they won a resounding victory over Syrian air defenses and fighter control. They were central to the Israeli victory in the air battles over the Bekaa Valley during which more than 90 Syrian fighters were downed. The Hawkeyes were also the linchpins of the operation in which the IAF destroyed the SAM array in the Bekaa, coordinating the various stages of the operation, vectoring planes into bombing runs and directing intercepts.

Under the constant defense of F Eagles, there were always two Hawkeyes on station off the Lebanese coast, controlling the various assets in the air and detecting any Syrian aircraft upon their takeoff, eliminating any chance of surprise. The IAF was the first user of the E-2 to install air-to-air refueling equipment. Three of the four Israeli-owned Hawkeyes were sold to Mexico [38] in after they had been upgraded with new systems; the remaining example was sent to be displayed in the Israeli Air Force Museum.

In , Singapore began retiring its E-2Cs as well. The four E-2Ts were approved for upgrade to Hawkeye configuration in a arms deal. Egypt purchased five E-2C Hawkeyes, that entered service in and were upgraded to Hawkeye standard. One additional upgraded E-2C was purchased. The first upgraded aircraft was delivered in March and deliveries were concluded in late Egypt requested two additional excess E-2C aircraft in October ; deliveries began in In August , the U. The Indian Navy has reportedly expressed interest in acquiring up to six Hawkeyes. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core.

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Repair shop for E-2 aircraft opens at Atsugi - News - Stripes

London: Amber Books. Air International , January , Vol 12 No 1. Bromley, UK:Fine Scroll. While it cannot carry the large battle staff aboard a land-based E-3 Sentry , it does have a mission staff of three: combat information center officer, air control officer and radar operator. For missions of moderate size, the onboard staff can conduct missions such as "surface surveillance coordination, air interdiction, offensive and defensive counter air control, close air support coordination, time critical strike coordination, search and rescue airborne coordination and communications relay.

The Hawkeye, the E-2C, became operational in , and surpassed one million flight hours in August One radar sweep covers six million cubic miles. It used an ingenious scheme by which target altitude was determined by comparing the "time delay of arrival" of the direct return versus that of the return bounced off the sea, instead of vertical steering of the antenna.

The MATT has integral encryption. Electronic support includes [5] has enhanced capabilities in smaller packaging. As well as the U. Israel has used it in the past, but now uses its Phalcon electronics, in both airliner and business jet airframes; Mexico uses former Israeli aircraft. Advanced Hawkeye AHE , the newest variant of the E-2 aircraft platform, is currently in development and scheduled to be introduced to the Fleet in Infrared imaging will be added, with the operational avionics system performing "sensor fusion" that can be shared with virtual crew members aboard ship; the idea is to have a "glass cockpit" operator station that works in the same manner in the aircraft or on a ship.

According to the Navy, the AHE mission will be to provide advance warning of approaching enemy surface units, cruise missiles and aircraft, to vector interceptors or strike aircraft to attack, and to provide area surveillance, intercept, communications relay, search and rescue and strike and air traffic control.