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  1. Hollowed out illenium iredesicant pinecone pendant – Pineal Pinecone
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  3. Video Tutorial: Felt and Pine Cone Elves

They can store as many as 50, acorns in one granary. Like the squirrels, the food stashes can also be a valuable inheritance for later family members that come along.

An acorn woodpecker poses near its stash of acorns. The birds can also store their food in human-made objects, such as telephone poles. Beavers build dams to create still water for their underwater homes, called lodges, where the rodents cache food for the winter. North American beavers range throughout most of North America and down into Mexico. Sometimes, though, beavers build their dams in human-made culverts, which can cause roads to flood. Fencing around shoreline trees can discourage the brilliant engineers from using that site and its timber and water flow devices can prevent flooding.

The insects will sometimes find a cavity in a human-made wall as opposed to a tree cavity with one guardable entrance, says Denise Ellsworth , director of the Honeybee and Native Pollinator Education program at Ohio State University. Unfortunately, this can lead to a sticky problem: Huge colonies can grow inside the walls of homes and go undetected for years—until honey begins oozing out of walls, ceilings, and even electrical sockets.

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Tweet me or find me on Facebook. Weird Animal Question of the Week answers your questions every Saturday. Read Caption. Why a Squirrel Stashed 50 Pounds of Pine Cones in a Car Many animals have discovered that human-made objects are even better than what's found in nature.

Hollowed out illenium iredesicant pinecone pendant – Pineal Pinecone

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    How Pine Cones Mature and Release Seed

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    Video Tutorial: Felt and Pine Cone Elves

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