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It is another inconsistency. Strong old men who are hale and hearty and capable into their eighties and nineties aren't impossible in our world.

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It doesn't happen yery often, but it has happened. MZB: Verdi wrote his last opera at Tdsaanini, conducting the Philharmonic at ninety. Rex Stout writing his last book at Segal tried to do too much in a limited amount of space, and I want to know much, much more about Marianne, about the "new" Darkover she visits -- no fair giving us just a tastel I would also like to read a strictly professional report --an ethnography -- on Darkover.

In ANY era! Please, give it a try I enjoyed the story very much, particularly the scene in which Regis leaves Thendara for Armida. I can see very clearly the "small, little boy" in Comyn regalia, and the character of Lew is very consistent with that outlined in HH and SA. It was published by Thendara House Publications. If you would like to illustrate a particular story, write to me in care of the Friends and I'll send you a xerox of what you are illustrating.

MZB wrote a very lengthy editorial which focused on professional writing and amateur writing. This is an excerpt:. I love editing Starstone for a very special reason. How else can I get to read Darkover stories without having to sit down and write them first? If I have made it real to others that they may wish to write about it, who am I to stand at the gates like an angel with a flaming sword and refuse them to right to build fantasies in my garden?

I have been asked if Darkover stories by amateurs will give me ideas for future novels -- or, perhaps, inhibit me from writing as I please. I don't think so Which does not mean that my Darkover is 'right' and yours is 'wrong. But then, the Darkover I write about is not, and cannot be, the Darkover you read about When you read about it, it becomes YOUR Darkover; if by some mystic laran I could see how my Darkover reflects in your mind, I might not even recognize the color of the sky.

Is the red sun I imagine, the same red sun that shines Starstone 3 was published in December and contains pages. The back cover is blank. According to a last-minute editorial by MZB, this issue has many printing problems, was a financial burden, and its creation caused its staff to use a lot of swears like "turkey," and what appears to be "damn.

The name was not corrected, however, in the second printing's table of contents. The first printing also had its problems. MZB explains on a page, not mentioned in the table of contents, what these printing errors were, and warns readers that the zine is in financial danger:. FIRST OF ALL; we wish to apologize to all of our artists, and especially to our Layout Artist, Walter Breen, who sat up for over a week laying out and balancing this issue and burning great quantities of Midnight Oil, especially for judging what pages should be done as double-spreads.

Due to a Serious Communication Failure between us and our Printer —the same printer who has done such fine work on previous issues— the page count was fouled up and he carefully printed the back of the contents page blank, this meaning that where we started out with even numbers on the left-hand sides of an open page-spread and odd numbers on the right-hand side, these were reversed after page 3, and double-spreads, or what SHOULD have been double-spreads, were carefully printed on the back of one another.

But when we found out about that, there were plenty of Big, Big D's flying in every direction, and various epithets for all concerned, of which the mildest was "turkey. Anyway, what's done is done, and anyhow the reading matter is intact and the printing legible. So that Murphy's Law can simply chalk up one more victory. Starstone 4 was published in and contains 97 pages, also with card covers. The front cover illustration is by Terri Windling , the back cover by Fiona Zimmer. This issue is published by Friends of Darkover.

Publication Order of Darkover Books

Starstone 5 was published in March and contains 58 pages. Basically there are two reasons for the delay — though I don't intend to go into lengthy explanations or excuses.

One was that my time has been taken up, since editing 3, with research and writing and travel for a really major novel So, with all the hard and troublesome work of running a family, a church, a home and a writing business, I resolved to cling to editing STARSTONE with my own hands, as one of the few things I enjoy as contrasted to mere duties'.

The other reason is financial; we have been losing so much money on the Darkover Newsletter, with two postal raises, and constant increases in costs of paper and printing, that the money sent us for subscriptions to STARSTONE somehow was spent on Newsletters, and we had to scrape together some more cash. This is why the delay--raising the price and cutting the size of the Newsletter may recoup some of the losses, and so, I hope, will convention sales of this issue where we won't have to pay postage.

I am resolved to keep on printing STARSTONE, though, because I find it to be an excellent source of talent for further anthologies, a creative way of keeping in touch with younger writers. Well, it's not so. Almost every writer I know who teaches fiction technique does it for the same reason I do my own writer's workshops --the delight and excitement of seeing new writers emerge, so I can have the pleasure, some day, of reading what they write.

Yes, I have created my own competition I can stand the heat and feel no need to get out of the kitchen.

Hawkmistress! A DARKOVER NOVEL by Marion Zimmer Bradley

I feel very strongly that there Is room for the fiction fanzine And we are going to do a third Darkover Fiction contest. I find that reading what other people have written about Darkover inspires me to think in new ways, and along unexplored lines, about that world I find that when I see Darkover freshly, through someone else's eyes, restores my own sense of wonder and I am ready, again, to go back and write something new and different.

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We have seen quite a few such items already ranging in merit from hopelessly crude to highly creditable. And now a forum exists for these and similar pieces. The Mists of Avalon which is her seminal Arthurian narrative, and The Firebrand , which covers similar themes of religious transition during the period of the Trojan War. The poem makes use of much of the Goddess worship language present in both novels' texts. Foreword by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Thendara House: November Note: This is as far as I can tell the only FoD publication not exclusively focused on the work of Bradley.

It is worth noting, however, that. Friends member Devra Langsam was actively involved in the Star Trek fandom 'or Table of Contents through fanzine publications and conventions. No library records could be found. Pagination unknown. Note: Tales of the Free Amazons. Note: A copy is located at Pennsylvania State University. More Tales of the Free Amazons.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover by -

Publication data unknown. July Written and fanzines. Front Cover white paper : Illustrated by Diana Paxson. All paginations are "Introduction" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Note: Uncredited interior graphic of arranged chronologically within the rabbithorn on page 9.

Reprinted from Starstone 2. The White Knight Cookbook. Size unknown.

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Written and edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Front Cover: Illustrated by Walter Breen.

A copy is located at Boston University. There is no formal Table of Contents, but it is organized as a few recipes with "The Keeper's Price" by Marion Zimmer, lengthy commentary. Note: Reprinted from Starstone 1. They appeared regularly from the ''Ambassador to Corresanti" by Linda s through the s, and unlike the fanzines are comparatively easy to track ''A View from the Reconstruction: Or, down since they were mass-produced in trade editions, mostly in paperback Paula Crunk.

Annotations will show how heavily the earlier volumes drew from the Nritten and fanzines.

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Trimble, Jacqueline Advertisements soliciting stories and guidelines for submitting stories to the anthologies for consideration were published in various issues of the Darkover Newsletter. Given the mass-market nature of these titles, library locations are not given. All paginations are taken from the paperback editions. Cover art by Don Maitz. Note: Stories in this anthology are d interior graphic of arranged chronologically within the history of Darkover. Bradley also introduces each story with a short biography of the author, and in the case of her own work, a description of the story's background or inspiration.

I have included these short pieces with the story's pagination. Note: Reprinted from Starstone 3. Note: n and Walter Breen. Note: Reprinted from Starstone 2. Cover art and frontispiece by Hannah Shapero. Note: Cover art by Stories in this anthology are arranged chronologically within the history of stories are not organized by chronology. Darkover, with short one-page historical descriptions before each section. These paginations below. Alexandra Riggs. Cover art by Richard Hescox. Note: In this volume, the the history of stories are not organized by chronology, but each story and author has a short section.

These introductions are included within the paginations below. Note: Reprinted from Legends of Hastur and Cassilda.

BFT3K, Hawkmistress!, Chapter 3: Proving Romilly Is Evil.

The Other Side of the Mirror Note: In this and all following volumes stories are given a short introduction by Bradley. Note: Reprinted "Circles" by G. Domains of Darkover "Kihar" by Vera Nazarian. Cover art by Richard "Playfellow" by Elisabeth Waters.