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Leitrim where he lived to visit some of the sites he writes about including the location of the church mentioned in this novel.

That They May Face the Rising Sun

We stayed in an amazing hotel that has a library of his books named after him. I also visited his grave, where he is buried alongside his beloved mother. That sounds like a literary pilgramage! The contrast between the bleakness of novels like The Barracks and this one is striking. It has a sense of quiet joy about it. Oh yes, a proper literary pilgrimage. I even sought out the police barracks at Cootehall which is where he lived as a child and was central to his first novel The Barracks.

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That book really broke my heart. Amongst Women is more characteristic of his novels, Poppy, much bleaker than this one which is my favourite. He has received several awards for his writing, including the AE Memorial Award in , for the manuscript of "'The Barracks," and British Arts Council awards in , , and John McGahern. From the very opening pages, we see many memorable characters as they move about the Ruttledges, who have come to Ireland from London in search of a different life. There is John Quinn, who will stop at nothing to ensure a flow of women; Johnny, who left for England twenty years before in pursuit of love; and Jimmy Joe McKiernan, head of the IRA, both auctioneer and undertaker.

You never feel responsible or fully involved in anything that happens.


The Shah spent three days on Lough Derg once, and when he goes away with his niece he is in agony: two holidays are enough for any lifetime. Because That They May Face the Rising Sun does without points of reference, or markers you might use to judge where you are, the very particular place it describes also feels like the only place on earth.

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Jamesie likes to tell the one about his brother Johnny, who went to England after Anna Mulvey, the girl he loved. His first book, The Barracks , begins classically, with a complete and pleasingly trivial catalogue of the thoughts of Elizabeth Reegan as she darns socks in the failing light before her stepchildren interrupt her with a routine that is, as we learn, their standard evening patter. Neighbours drop in on one another doors are always open to carry on where they left off, or to say the same thing again, to eat and drink.

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They are warm, comfortable, familiar; but their familiarity with one another makes the book initially illegible. Only gradually, out of all the talk, do stories begin to emerge; eventually it becomes clear that there is a world among the characters, that they are various. Jamesie relates the Johnny story more than once. The second time the subject of the Playboy comes up, Ruttledge asks Mary if she remembers any of the lines.

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  • Where another writer might play with the contrasts, McGahern mutes them so as to make them nearly invisible. Ruttledge has been building a shed, but he needs the help of Patrick Ryan, and Patrick, who works all over the country, comes and goes when he wills, and his comings are unpredictable. In this system, money is almost functionless. The priest finds a five-pound note in another tree. Not everything can be resolved by looking hard enough.

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