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  2. The Typology of PIE Syllabic Sonorants
  3. Part One - The Basics

Shuswap language - WikiVisually

Shuswap Lake. As csv. Lewis, M.

Paul, Gary F. Simons, and Charles D. Secwepemc Cultural Education Society has made efforts to revitalize the language through classes at all levels, including an immersion program. Victor Golla , C.

There are between and fluent first-language speakers, most of them over 50, in a total population of over 6, Christopher Moseley ed. By submitting this form I grant the research teams permission to contact me about this submission. Please note, this suggestion will be associated with your Endangered Languages Project username and shared with third party content moderators for their review. Terms of Service for restrictions on the use of downloaded data.

The Typology of PIE Syllabic Sonorants

Language metadata. Language information by source. Compare Sources 8. Suggest information or improvement.

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Part One - The Basics

Oxford University Press. On March 23, , DeRose, who was nominated for the Culture, Heritage and Spirituality category of the awards, will join 13 other Indigenous Canadians to officially receive their Indspire awards in Winnipeg. She is also an elder advisor to the Culturally Safe Dementia Care research project. DeRose was one of several elders that came to the class to teach the grammatical structures of the language and how Secwepemc connects to land and stories.

In addition to this, Ignace said that DeRose is an experienced ethnobotanist who never hesitates to share her knowledge of Secwepemc plants and the environment with younger generations. Indspire itself is an Indigenous-led national charity that focuses on the education of Indigenous Canadians.