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  1. Mimetic Vaccines in Immuno-Oncology
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  • Anti-Idiotype Vaccine in Colorectal Cancer Patients.

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Mimetic Vaccines in Immuno-Oncology

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Cancer Res, ; — PubMed Google Scholar. Immunol, ; — Euop J Immunol, ; — CrossRef Google Scholar.


J Clin Oncol, ; — Int J Cancer, ; 87— J nati Cancer Inst, ; — Int J Cancer, ; 10— Gut, ; — J Immunol, ; — Int J Cancer, ; — Cell Mol Biol, ; 21— Science, ; 94— Hybridoma, ; — Current Biology, ; 8: — Robins There are no affiliations available. Medicine a suspension of dead, attenuated, or otherwise modified microorganisms viruses, bacteria, or rickettsiae for inoculation to produce immunity to a disease by stimulating the production of antibodies.

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Medicine originally a preparation of the virus of cowpox taken from infected cows and inoculated in humans to produce immunity to smallpox. Medicine modifier of or relating to vaccination or vaccinia.

Isotype, allotype and idiotype

Computer Science computing a piece of software designed to detect and remove computer viruses from a system. A substance that stimulates cells in the immune system to recognize and attack disease-causing agents, especially through the production of antibodies. Most vaccines are given by injection or are swallowed as liquids.

Anti-Idiotype Vaccine in Colorectal Cancer Patients | Hybridoma

Vaccines may contain a weaker form of the disease-causing virus or bacterium or even a DNA fragment or some other component of the agent. See Note at Jenner. Did You Know? In the s, polio epidemics left thousands of children with permanent physical disabilities. Today, kids are given a polio vaccine to keep them from catching the virus.